Walking Weather

Walking in the Rain

A film version of one of the passages from my book A London Country Diary.

(Music by the Highbury Vale Electronic Music Studio)

See also Rain.

Books Maps

Hand-drawn Maps

My North London hand drawn maps have been mentioned in  Londonist. The big A2 versions have been on sale at Stoke Newington Bookshop.




A London Country Diary

9781848317055-291x450My new book, A London Country Diary, has been published by Icon Books. It’s a collection of sketches, doodles and diary/journal observations (many from this blog) that I started back in 1999 around the time my daughter was born. Much of the ‘action’ (ha ha) takes place in and around Clissold Park in the Stoke Newington/Green Lanes/Highbury border country. If you wonder about stuff like how to de-salute magpies, what’s the best kind of tree and where the Clash recorded London Calling, this might be for you. There’s a website for the book at – with some fun downloads.

You can buy the book here.