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The Bank of Friendship, Highbury Park, N5

They have a theme tune which is sort of Bryan Adamsish and goes like this:

"It’s the Bank of Friendship

The one for me and you

The Bank of Friendship

We can drink there too."

Actually, no – that’s a complete lie. It is a nice, usually quiet, local, its under-the-counter Irishness only obvious when you spot the Ireland football shirt and picture of Pat Jennings on the wall. There used to be a crowd of Dubs who sat by the door of one bar who’ll probably know you if you went to school in Dublin between 1946 and 1960.

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I really don’t know what the hype is about this pub – it’s naff all special and thats coming from a plastic paddy born, raised and living around the corner from it and been there many times. It might be ‘quaint’ because most of the Irish pubs have all but dissapeared but ‘Friendship’ is nothing special. That also goes for the T-Bird bar down the road – what a dive, really ! All these places get hyped up because there is zero choice of any culture around the area anymore and so ‘the people’ make out these places are special so the dumb punters can spend their money on overpriced beer is shoddy surroundings and think to themselves they a are culture-vulture and hip. Highbury is a damn slum. Re: Blackstock Road etc etc.
Scary thing is I’m right.

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